How to remove shock bushings

Go to the rear part of the k-frame and remove the nut that holds the back half of the a-arm to the k-frame. 5. . Remove the Control Mounting Bolts Bilstein replacement shock bushings will make sure that you get the most out of your shocks. Bushings & Washers Incorrect Bushings & Washers The fasteners should be tightened until the bushing expands (bulges) to the same outside diameter of the metal washer. The control arm will drop completely loose, and land on the sway bar. The influence of Walter Chrysler is the reason why rubber bushings can be found in all modern cars. In order to remove the shock towers, open the hood and remove both dome shaped plastic cones covering the top of each tower. Attach shocks to upper mounting hardware with 75-1 sleeves on each side of mounting bracket. Yamaha wants you to replace the whole shock, which doesn't make sense to me! 2. Undercompressed Correct Overcompressed 4. If the bushings and sleeve rotate together, the bore is too large or the sleeves outer diameter is too large. These bushings are constructed from high performance polyurethane, providing stiffer and longer lasting performance than rubber bushings. 3 x Adapters(Light Blue, Purple, Red). High-Quality Energy Susp 16. 3) pay someone to weld some new brackets on. The rubber bushings found on the front control arms of the Mini Cooper are prone to premature failure. Don't beat them out, you may damage the arm. 3. Replacement Shock Hardware. WARNING: DO NOT REMOVE SHOCK MOUNTING BUSHING FROM LOWER CONTROL ARM!!!! THIS BUSHING IS NOT & WILL NOT Whether you have a factory-built vehicle or a customized one, your Jeep Wrangler TJ has a full set of body mounts and bushings. How to replace front shock bushings on XJ8 or XJR with pics HOW TO. Remove brake line bracket from rear of shock yoke (2 x M6 socket head). 18. Only the rear is actually being lowered. Rubber bushings deflect and distort making it harder for your shock to perform properly. Jaguar XJ8 Shock Mount Bushing Replacement 1. Then jack up the car so the tire leaves the ground,  9 Sep 2008 Before we can deal with the bushings we need to take the shock off. I guess I'm not so excited about that now. 16. com has the selection that you're looking for, including Jeep XJ shock bushings. A. Press out the bushing into the socket. spring plates, bushings, etc. com 2010 Subaru Outback 2. Upgrade from two piece reducers to smoother, stronger and longer lasting Straight Axle Shock Hardware. Remove the bolt, two washers and two bushings, holding the shock absorber to the rear axle housing and disconnect the shock absorber. SCCA Street Touring rules allow for alternate bushing material, so long as you don’t replace non-metallic components with metallic components. Since these are both very important front suspension parts, any problem should be corrected immediately. hey all, thanks for the support and the links. The sleeve inside the bushing, at the center, is obviously there to take the wear from the bolt if it rotates. Completely remove the shock center nut, located at the top of the shock tower. This "how to" assumes you have some basic tools, and safety gear. Then re-install the upper control arm. The rubber bushing grabs too well to the upper shock bolt. See Photo 14. PETERBILT SUSPENSION PARTS. I spent a little time on line looking for 1975 CB 550 bronze bushings. Installation : Remove A-arm ,shocks or bearing carrier from machine . 151. OE VW MK2-3 Rear Beam Bushings Note that this bushing has two separate shoulder heights (you have to press on the 'carrier'). Is there a special tool  The Mcleod Bushing Removal/Installation kit from Manitou is the best kit to use for replacing your McLeod rear shock bushings. Order online today! Remove headlight position sensor on front of passenger control arm. This is basically the method I'll be using… How-To Install a Bushing Without a Press – Suspension. Remove brake caliper, and tie it aside. can support the weight of the back end so it’s not trying to pull the shock open as you remove the bolts. Loosen and lower the steering rack. If you can remove the nut but not pull the bolt out all the way, no worries- it will come out easier after a few more steps. In reality, these simple rubber pieces serve two critical purposes In particular, rubber bushings are the most commonly used for cars. Used to install shock shaft bushings into seal heads. I got to the shock bushings The rear shock on this bike is an Olle' 35566. To avoid contaminating the frame mount with excessive rust, it is best to replace the shock tower when replacing your front shocks--especially if there are signs of established corrosion at the frame mount. Remove the shocks from the packaging and locate the plastic bags with the bushings, washers and nuts. Simply a 5mm allen key / 10mm spanner; Works with many shocks including Rockshox, Fox, Marzocchi, X-Fusion, MRP & more! Not compatible with 12mm shocks such as BOS / early Manitou. In the FSM they call this a Compression Rod. 0 shock (658922) using supplied upper hardware and stock lower hardware. >>> How to fit Fox Float rear shock volume spacers >>> How to service your Fox Float air can >>> How to fit offset bushings. Shockcraft is a New Zealand engineering company specialising in bike suspension, parts & service. Machined from durable stainless steel this  Installation: Remove shock, remove the 2 snap rings holding in the spherical press out the bearing, press our bushing in, apply some grease to the inside of  21 Sep 2013 I have a new lower shock bushing from Nissan, but cannot install it until I remove the sleeve from the previous bushing. Remove the washer, the mounting plate and the two foam rubber-like bushings (upper and lower) now remove the upper spring retainer and the rubber spring pad underneath. Wrestle shock out: the shock mounting bushing sleeves and rubber side bushings are often compressed by the shock mounting bolts and you may have to resort to pounding to remove it. ) Remove the shock 4. 2. Install / remove standard 1/2" (12. Carrying heavy loads, rough roads, or a damaged shock/strut boot may cause the suspension to wear out faster than normal. The set comes with 12. J _____ There are two types of body mount bushings – factory rubber or polyurethane. Telephone ordering assistance is also available for your convenience. The most difficult part of the job is removing the old shocks, which can have a tendency to be really gunky with both age and road-grit, making the bushings and bolts somewhat difficult to remove. Disconnect the shock from the upper shock mounting plate by removing the top mounting nut. Press out the rubber bushing and shells from the inner and outer pivot ends. Remove factory bar pin from the lower shock ab-sorber bushing. In order to get it to clear the upper control arm you need to remove the upper shock mount and spring. Seems like it would be almost impossible to get to the uppers without a bar pin eliminator kid once the body of the shock is up there. Use Drift (5347) and Counterhold (5346) to remove bushings. Labor costs are estimated between $246 and $311 while parts are priced between $133 and $222. Reinstall upp control arm, comperess spring and reinstall spring and lower control. To lubricate the rubber bushing in your car, first you need to remove the bolt holding the component with the bushing. With the shock out In contrast, the performance suspension bushings we offer are much more rigid than rubber. BMW calls them silent blocks. What symptom does this fix? Destroyed shock bushings, noisy shock bushings. Remove the lower control arm. You may need to use a crescent wrench paired with an open end wrench to loosen the nut. The front shocks on a Jeep Cherokee take on a lot of responsibility in the front suspension. I don't want to have to remove the rear shocks or mounts. 10. The OEM S2000 bushings don't slide when the suspension arms move, they stretch. Safety glasses should be worn at all times when working with tools and automotive fluids. Order Shock Bushings - Universal for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Remove the tension adjusting bolt and the mounting bolt and remove the No need for lubrication: Rubber bushings remove the need to lubricate the space between two parts; Reduced wear on machinery (and a quieter facility): Rubber bushings prevent parts from rattling against each other, resulting in less wear and tear on your machinery as well as a safer environment for employee eardrums 11. Clean the bushings’ bearings of the on the shock Watching This Guy Remove A Bushing With A Drill Is Completely Mesmerizing. 4. "Rear Poly Upper Shock Mount Swap Procedure" The problems caused by the inferior design of the Ford/Motorcraft Mark VIII rear shock mount have been addressed many times here before but very few people know of a solid, reliable solution to the problem other than replacing the mounts once a year or more. Use the lug wrench to loosen the lug nuts on the tire you will need to remove to replace the shock bushings. Remove U-bolt attaching nuts, then the U-bolts. Help your shocks do their job; replace worn, cracked bushings with replacements from Bilstein. Replace the top bolt first then the bottom with antiseize or grease on the bottom bolt to keep it from rusting inside the bushing. You will need to remove the old rear control arm bushings from the k-frame. If the shock bushings' rubber is obviously cracked or badly distorted, you'll usually have to replace the shocks to get the new bushings. This article shows how to replace the struts and shock absorber on your mk3 VW Passat or VW Jetta 1996-1999. Remove front wheel. Remove nut on shock yoke bushing. 20. ) Remove upper spacers and bushings from original shock, be sure to install them on top of your new shock in same order. ” You’ve probably read this in a lot of places, and you may have even watched a video on how to do it. side of shock/Bushing Guide. Their design helps manufacturers meet the standards of Noise, Vibration, and Harshness or NVH. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35. (red arrow bottom picture) Using a 9/16th inch universal socket and long extension remove the 8 nuts that holds the down pipe (and heat shield) to the exhaust manifold. Call or Shop online now. 8112G REAR UPPER SHOCK BUSHING SET . Shocks/struts, springs, and other suspension bushings and mounts weren't meant to last forever. Remove the bolt holding the suspension component with the worn bushing inside. Remove the coil spring and set it aside (See Figure 8). If your Ford Ranger bushing goes awry, or you need some bushings for Toyota Camry, AutoZone carries every product for your specific repair job. Here’s how it’s done… To The Point - Bushings. I used Prothane red polyurethane bushings on the beams and radius rods. Remove the wheel speed sensor from the steering knuckle. Clean the thrust washers and spacers from rust and dirt. I need to remove the lower bushings on my Avy DHS shock to change the spring, but how do I take them off in the best way so I do These bushings allow you to take the 400EX, LTZ 400, KFX 400 or Honda 250R rear shock and mount it to your Blaster. When finished, take your Dodge vehicle to a good shop to align the front suspension. When you're driving and you hear a "clunking" sound coming from the front of your car, it's typically caused by a loose or worn out bushing. Set these parts aside if you are reusing them. These small rubber parts absorb shock and protect vital parts, especially in the suspension system. Shockcraft offers a pressing service using our custom tools, which remove and install bushings and bearings without damage to your shock. Our subject bike doesn’t appear to have led a particularly difficult life, yet with a mere 13,000 miles showing on the clock the swingarm bushings were shot, exhibiting an easy 1/8 inch or more of slop on the swingarm pivot pin. While a slightly worn bushing may not be immediately noticeable, a failed or deteriorated bushing will cause the car to lose its handling precision. This applies to the rear shocks, the fronts don't need any bushings to be pressed in or out. At each end of a shock absorber are round "eyeholes" that serve as a mounting point to attach the shock to both a suspension control arm and to the vehicle frame. This is where the rear control arm bushings are. Remove the metal spacers, if any, applied to the shock absorber. There could be a mini taper fit for this connection so you may need to shock it loose much like the ball joint. As wear items, they are things that you will eventually have to remove and replace with new ones, if you plan on keeping your car in good running order. Remove all washers, bushing, spring isolator, and top plate from the coilover assembly. Shock Bushing Tool Rear Shock Eyelet Bushing Removal Install  The other option was to replace the entire rear shock, but those cost about $400 Vs $100 for the bushing alone, and looked like MUCH more work, removing the  Description. back end so it's not trying to pull the shock open as you remove the bolts. Remove the lower strut mount bolt. How To Press Shock Bushings In and Out So if you order Bilstein 5100 Tundra then you will need to push out the old bushing and push in a new (3/4") bushing into the shock. So. Grasp the sway bar link and remove it away from the lower control arm mount. Rubber bushings may be slightly softer, but they also will absolutely wear out again, leaving you in a similar position. Fast shipping Australia Wide! 11 Jul 2018 First, they absorb and isolate the car's body and occupants from shocks and vibrations. Remove bolt at top of shock absorber. Honda supplies these bushings made of ordinary rubber, but they're dead in one season. As the suspension travels the bushings stretch and compress to comply with the suspension movement. Amazon. You see the shock is clearly visible. Using a socket, remove the two upper shock-mounting bolts. Tighten all fasteners to factory specs. Ball joints and control arm bushings are integral parts of your strip burner’s suspension. Fits many McPherson strut style and standard shock absorbers with 5/8" diameter shaft. My bushings were designed intentionally to be a tight fit so as to eliminate slop that would initiate premature wear. I am guessing the stock shock was removed and replaced with this one. Do yourself a favour and bring it to a shop and have them press the old ones out, and the brass bushings in. I need some advice here. These bushings come in the box kit with brackets. See Photo 13. Order Shock Bushings & Hardware for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. I may or may not lube up the other bushing depending on how this thing goes without the creaking noise returning. B. Online I'd look to go-ride or jenson or universal, but you have good shops close to you that could probably have it at the same cost. Start with #1 shock, (place poly bushings in boiling pan of water to soften). Lever action type shock absorbers were used on most cars until early 1950's and on some sports cars as late as 1980's (MGB, for example). Lower assembly from vehicle, and remove spring and shock. Both of the old bushings should now be out of the control arm. Use a sandpaper to remove rust or corrosion off the inside eye of on each leaf spring and the rear eyes on the mounting surface on the truck. “You can burn out your OE suspension bushings. 18 - 19mm would be my guess on the actual The stabilizer bar is located directly under your car. Plowboy, Man you should have put these babies on BEFORE you went on that 1500 mile slay ride! ;D Perhaps those of us who use this product should try to post some thoughts at the end of this riding season on the "feel" and "ware" of these bushings. only part we could find was the control arm bushings. Remove track rod-to-wheel bearing housing bolt, and pull rod from housing. If using a Cane Creek shock, please make a note of this as we can modify the tool for this purpose. 3 or 4 is probably best. Remove the lower shock hardware with an 18mm socket and 15mm open end wrench. Fits: 1/2″, 10mm and 12mm eyelets; Includes  Cheap Rear Shocks, Buy Directly from China Suppliers:Bicycle Rear Shock Bushing Tool Aluminum Alloy Shock Eyelet Bushing Removal Install Tool with 3  1 Oct 2016 October 1, 2016 - Bushings absorb road shock, control the amount of many bushings are pressed into a metal sleeve and difficult to remove,  10 Aug 2017 Put the spring back in your shock with our step-by-step video guide on how to fit offset shock bushings or just replace worn bushings. 00 19. Oddly, the 1975 year seems omitted from the listed models. 9. Cut out old bushing, clean areas well, add very light coat of grease (just enough to leave a film). 8. This install tool   This simple tool is designed to remove and instal the static bearing in the shock ends of many modern rear shocks. First remove the cotter pin and nut from the tie rod end. " The purpose of bushings is to absorb the shock of turbulence along a road when a vehicle is driven. With the right drivers you can replace the standard bushings on most model shocks as well as Enduro Needle bearings for 1/2 inch shock eyes. 1931 Ford Model A Suspension Bushings parts in-stock with same-day shipping. Material: Aluminum Alloy + Stainless Steel. CANADA - Shock Bushings (Type 1) $90. 4309. The first rubber bushings were just utilized as motor mounts. " Find Shock Bushings and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! How to Replace Bushings. Place a suitably-sized socket or spacer over the opposite side of the shock eyelet (it needs to be big enough for the bushing to pass inside it) and one of the old alu spacers in the new bushing. Remove single-wrapped FAS II Airliner Freightliner Rear Suspension bushings quickly. com 10-12-2014 Today I got started replacing my upper front shock bushings on my 2001 XJR with 74K miles. With polyurethane, while the vehicle ride can be firmer, handling will be much sharper and steering more precise. If the bushings are too old, have been exposed to over-heat, salt or lubricants for a long time or just been over stressed from movements and weights loads, they can wear out. Tech B says an on board compressor forces air into the rear load-leveling shock absorbers to raise the rear suspension height. Bushing Installation and Removal Tools - Both Fox (Left) and Rockshox (Right) sell these great 'push and receive' style bushing tools that can be used to properly remove the DU bushings from the shock eyelets. Barrel Nut Allows For Easier Installation. The collars on my AGX's (the metal tube that slides onto the rear control arm shock mount), is 19mm inside diameter, 40mm wide. General Assembly Instructions Clean all inside surfaces with A good degreaser such as Simple Green or Equivalent . Remove the bolt C. REMOVE SHOCK ABSORBERS Remove the front shock absorbers per factory service manual instructions for your vehicle. Shop Hobby Stock Suspension Bushings parts and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. Install the bushings Reassemble the lower control arm onto the vehicle. The rubber A-arm bushings in the front suspension last longer because they only deal with rotation about A bushing or rubber bushing is a type of vibration isolator. 21. I have upgraded the shocks and have added poly sway bar bushings. We carry a full range of suspensions parts for Kenworth front and rear suspensions. Before installing shock spacers rub a light coating of grease on the surfaces that will contact the new bushing. Once you’ve found the right suspension bushings for your Mustang, you can place your order quickly and securely at our user-friendly online store. Replacing your SUV's stock rubber shock absorber bushings with aftermarket polyurethane ones enhance the joy of the ride even further, taking it to a whole new level. This should be relatively easy to see on the chassis underneath the car. It also begs the question, is this a proper shock for this bike. Check the shock mountings and spray them with metal cleaner. @ my local Auto parts place it was called in the computer a Strut Rod and Ive always called them a Tension Rod so what the shock boot to slide over it. Rear Shock bushing removal tool. If your Corvette's upper ball joint is bad, it will mimic some of the same conditions as the upper bushings. Match up the correct sleeve to the corresponding end of the shock. Shockcraft also manufactures custom shock hardware. The 24/7 access means you can order Mustang bushings whenever you have the time. Click part number on the Part List to order online. i got the rear most done ok, the upper shackle bushings were a major pain and now the front bushing is being difficult due to the brackets being in the way. Remove the worn out bushings by any suitable way. Put the top end in first, then you can slide it forward and down into the lower shock mount. Remove the shock bushings and metal plates from the top of the shock. Within the eyeholes are specially-shaped rubber bushings. Punch the old bushings out (on your lap) with a screwdriver and rubber hammer. My original plan was to just replace the "Lower A Arm bushings" with a Mini Cooper 2001-2006: How to Replace Control Arm Bushings. Use some rope or wire to tie the brake I'm about to replace all the rear suspension bushings with 4x4parts split bushings. Shocks are filled with oil that must pass through small orifices as they compress and rebound, thus providing damping control. OEM quality replacement bushings; Fits many FOX, ACT and HPG shocks used on Arctic Cat OEM shocks; 2 pack. Bushings are rubberized sleeves or linings that reduce friction or vibration at mechanical joints. The info I wanted was a way to replace the bushing w/o removing the shock. No luck anywhere, Napa, Orielys, advance, the zone. Remove the wire retainer that keeps the shocks compressed. Tighten their cap screws to secure them to your shafts. Remove the bolt that holds the front part of the a-arm to the k-frame. Next, using a tie rod end splitter The OTC Rear Suspension Bushing Tool makes your service time more efficient. Support the shock with your hand during the bushing removal. ) Check the reservoir and refill accordingly I guess my question is more around the AHC fluid: If I remove the shock, will it just bleed everywhere? Is the suggested method sound? In the overall scheme of things, control-arm bushings may seem like a relatively unimportant part of a vintage Chevy musclecar. Is there a place to get new lower shock bushings? I seem to be able to wear them out! I have found the uppers but no lower. If I remove the shock and move the rear end through the same movements, there is no knock and I can feel no play in any of the bearings. the solution was to take an old bearing and fit/remove about 20 times using force until the socket was round enough to accept a new bearing without causing binding Audi A6 C6: How to Replace Ball Joints/Control Arms. When installing the new bushings, do not use any lubricant but make sure the flange on the bushing end seats properly on the arm bore. Without the proper tools, though, the bushings can be pretty difficult to remove without risking damage to the shock itself. If using and old shock, it would be helpful to fashion a shock compressor from wire and collapse the shock for ease of installation. Oh yeah--this is the link that worked for me tonight (hurry it may change again!) polaris_rzr_bushing_kits Thanks all ! Sounds like it is best to remove, but a PITA !. ) Raise new shock into place, and tighten retaining nut on top shock bolt with a small amount of blue LocTite. When one of them goes bad, you might hear a creaking or popping sound when you make sharp turns. 4) trim the perch. Step 5 – Replace the bushings Get a spring compressor, remove shock, compress spring remove lower control arm with spring and release tension on spring, use an air chisel to drive out bushings and press new ones in. Detach the strut from the control arm by removing the bolt that holds it in place. Remove the bolts holding the shock mount to the shock tower. Audi uses a complex system of four control arms to create a phantom pivot point, which allows its cars to steer so well. Use Tongs and leather gloves, remove Hot bushing from water, push into shock by hand. ) reassemble the top stack of bushings and torque everything to spec 7. Polyurethane is the most popular material. If you take both shocks off, the swing arm will drop - not good. Using a torch I burned out the old bushing, cleaned up the shock mount, lubricated the new bushing and pressed it in using a nut and bolt thru the center of 2 each 1 and 1/4 sockets, the bushing and torquing the bushing How does a person remove the lower rear shock bushing from the control arm on a 2005 Nissan Altima 2. Audi A6: How to Replace Upper Control Arm Bushings A6 Quattro. The Valkyrie likes to destroy its rear shock bushings. Unplug any brake sensors that may be connected to the caliper and disconnect them from the strut (see Figure 1). Next the ancillary items that need to be freed are the brake lines and brake sensor wiring. Clean the brackets as well and apply an adequate amount of lubricant on the outside of the bushings, the pins and new inner shell. Shock absorbers are in place to control the movement of the suspension as it works through its travel. They worked well, but in recent years, the suspension on my YJ has gotten noticeably noisy. Good luck. ) press out the bottom bushings 5. 5S? The bushing is - Answered by a verified Nissan Mechanic The OP link went to a $7 "repair kit" that definitely got my interest but after digging out a working link to the Rzr bushings I see over $400 to replace all the bushings & sleeves. So you can replace rubber bushings with urethane or nylon or Delrin or some other non-metallic material. Compress new shock and put it in. I'm not too concerned with getting the trailing links out and back in (I've done the uppers before with stock bushings), but is there a how-to on getting Use 17mm wrench(s) to remove lower shock mounting bolt/nut. Remove the rear bench seat by pulling up hard on the front of the bottom bench, the bench is clipped in and there is nothing else to undo. shock is removed from the bicycle, remove the mounting hardware before performing any fingers, use the RockShox rear shock bushing removal/ installation. Shop 1931 Ford Model A Suspension Bushings parts and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. Using a 15mm wrench, remove the upper shock nut and bushings. HINT: A hammer and punch may be useful for removing factory bar pin. Remove the top nut holding the coilover assembly together. They are locked into position when tightened and the rubber bushings stretch when the arms move. would it be easier if i put both sides of the cart on jacks? is this process any easier with Read on to get the basics on how to detect and change worn ball joints and control arm bushings. 1/2" x 1/2" bushings for the RockShox rear shocks Monarch, Vivid, Kage and Ario )from 2010). Figure 4. Loose suspension parts, constant mis-alignment, and annoying noises are common symptoms of a failed rubber bushing. In some cases a piece of Scotch-Brite can be used to polish up the sleeve to remove any burrs that may be causing the extra tight sleeve fit. Additionally, some vehicles will require spacers to get the proper compression on the bushing. When the bushings become torn, worn out or completely break, the stabilizer bar itself will become unstable and cause a rattling or clunking sound while you are driving. Get the whole lot in a vice and gently squeeze. 90 New Fox rear shock bushings Pimp, i got them from a LBS who keeps that kind of stock (if you call 90 miles away local). you forgot to grease your linkage bearings or they are just plain worn out?? Never fear, with a few tools and some parts you can have your linkage back to it's pristene form. RockShox Install Tool for Dust / Oil Seals. We have pins, U-bolts, shackle kits, shocks, hangers, bolts and bushings. On most cars there are two rubber bushings about 1 inch in thickness. (Fig. (my job) The bushing when compressed onto the mounting bolts will actually conform to the shape of the inner radius of the shock mount. I suggest that you remove the shock bolts and inspect your bushings. 17. The average cost for a Nissan Altima suspension control arm bushings replacement is between $379 and $533. In order to remove them you will need a bench press or a propane torch !! yes, the torch you will use to heat and sometimes melt the rubber bushing to get it out of the shell. Place jack-stands under the torsion bar tube to support the rear of We used a drill press to make the holes in the lower arms for the sway bar mount and a hydraulic press to remove the bushings (see sidebar). Clean and lubricate the inside of the control arms (where the shells were). What is it: If you've ever had the displeasure of trying to remove an old, worn bushing from your rear shock by using  Replaces: Arctic Cat OE: 1604-008. Install new Rough Country N2. Carefully lower the original shock from the bike and remove. Lower Control Arm Bushings Remove the shock absorber and strut bar. Includes Polyurethane Bushings And Solid Metal Sleeve For Enhanced Performance. If I relocate the shock mounts, it will give me more clearance too. Audi uses an advanced control arm front suspension design, which provided phenomenal handling and ride characteristics, but it is hard on the bushings and ball joints. Whether you’re performing an air can service at home, swapping a spring or sending your shock off to the experts, you’re going to need to know how to remove your shock without causing damage. SHOCK SEAL "BULLET" Shock Seal Bullet Tools make installing seal heads onto shock shafts quick and safe. Steve, it appears as though I should plan on doing more than I first planned on doing. Remove shackle to frame attaching nut and bolt. How to install your TF Tuned Rockshox Pike Coil Conversion Kit TF Tuned Glossary Mount Kits and Bushings for Rear Shocks - A Guide Mount Kits and Bushings, Fitting & Removing RockShox Fitting Your Forks Removing Your Forks Performing a Lower Lube Fitting a RockShox U-Turn spring Fitting Your Shock Removing Your Shock Basic Air Can Maintenance Shock Absorber Bushings. First measure the gap on both sides, this one happened to be 3mm on each side. Rear Bushings. Loosen. The plastic bag has a drawing on it, showing the order of the bushings and washers. KENWORTH SUSPENSION PARTS. Labor costs are estimated between $237 and $300 while parts are priced between $189 and $206. At this point, your shock assembly is partially disassembled. Remove the lower control ar Grease the I. Grease all sides of the bushing that will contact metal. 4WD. Remove the control arm bushings and then get the rubber bushings out of their shell, which you will have to reuse with the new bushings. Any insight on where to get upper and lower bushings for this beast. Remove the stock shock from the upper mount. While the coil springs share the load of the engine, you can optimize the performance of your ride by replacing the front shocks every 30,000 miles or so. All you need to do is remove the bolt on the sensor and unclip the wire from the plastic holder. Pistons in these shocks are connected to a shaft, one end of an arm (or a pair of arms) is attached to the shaft and the other end is connected to the suspension spring. Below is a photo of how we install it. you may need new front suspension Not stupid, man. These do not come with the metal shells. In electric power, a bushing is an insulated device that allows an electrical conductor to pass safely through a grounded conducting barrier such as the case of a transformer or circuit breaker. Reduce friction between metal parts on your vehicle with replacement bushings from K Series Parts. The shock mounting bolt showed wear and corrosion, so it should be replaced for safety. 8mm diameter. Shock Absorber Installation Compressing the shock absorber, torque the upper shock absorber nut until the bushings expand to the diameter of the washer, Refit the shock absorber, Torque the lower shock absorber nut until the bushings expand to the diameter of the washer, Lift the back of the vehicle off the chocks and situate in a normal position. Getting the lubricant to work properly might be a bit tricky. How do you lubricate rear shock bushings/mounts? Results 1 to 11 of 11 When you have the shock out to replace the bushings, you can also tweak your geometry by fitting offset shock hardware. If damaged , replace the arm Install BOTH bushings in the Arm , shock eye or carrier . It’s a fact of life. As I mentioned, the rear bolt head is broken off now so I'm thinking of cutting through the control arm to eliminate about half of the rear "hub" to give me some clearance and trying to beat the rest of it off the bolt, then use wd40 ( or whatever ), heat Remove any skid-plates, as needed. To support the engine and remove the front suspension cradle: See Building an engine support and Removing the suspension cradle links on this website. The average cost for a suspension control arm bushings replacement is between $426 and $506. The feeling of adventure from behind the wheel of a Jeep is unmatched. Don't know how, and have no tools. I replaced all the steering components two years ago. Over time, rubber begins to wear and distort causing your suspension to work less efficiently due to the failing part. A common application is in vehicle suspension systems, where a bushing made of rubber (or, more often, synthetic rubber or polyurethane) separates the faces of two metal objects while allowing a certain amount of movement. Has anyone come across replacement shock absorber bushings that won't break the bank? As you all know Polaris only wants to sell you a complete shock, which is my opinion shocking (pun intended ) I've seen the some of the good members of this forum making their own with heater hoses, but I'll rather buy replacement bushings than having to buy a heater hose to cut up. I am talking about the sleeve on the outside of the bushing that interfaces with the inside of the shock when the bushingis pressed in. [Symptom:] When you accelerate from a stand still or when you decelerate suddenly, you could hear and feel a jerk from the rear. Be prepared to support the 50-lb weight of the steering rack. If you do one arm at a time, the other arm should able to support the hub and brake. Choose from Charger Total Kits, Control Arm Bushings, Sway Bar Bushings, Sub Frame, Differential and Rack & Pinion The RS9000 shock is adjustable and can be fitted with an in-cab remote adjuster too. This causes Inspect the surface for damage, rust, tear and wear. How to remove a stuck bushing remove lower shock fasteners and retain for reinstallation remove rear shock remove upper shock fastener, washers and and bushings and discard loosen (4) control arm bolts do not remove note: support axle with stands remove upper stabilizer link fastener and brake line bracket remove track bar fasteners and retain for reinstallation 4x Due to their material composition, bushings are alternately known as "rubbers. It's a fact of life. I had been having less than stellar performance and not-so-right alignment pretty much since I bought my truck. They eliminate the possibility of seal damage when installing the seal head onto the shaft. Remove the lower shock bolt and, if necessary, zip-tie the shock up out of the way. Loosen the bracket, or belt tension adjusting bolt, and the pump mounting bolt. Please use our contact form or give us a call for any part not listed or if you have any questions. Inspect the bushing, replace if necessary. Different kits, shock absorbers, and more to help with your Corvette. Jump up and down on the back bumper to set the suspension parts in place. Rear Control Arm Lower-Inner & Outer Ki t-3180K-(8 Bushings, 4 Inner Tubes) Remove OE shell for fitment, 70mm long tubes inner & 65mm tubes outer $130. This is when the rear suspension is beating the chassis as it is taking up the clearance due to the worn bushing. Also, see repair breakdown by problem area and cost. Install 74 Sleeves (rolled sleeve) into all shock bushings. This will help the sway bar link stay out of the way during the job. ) Check the reservoir and refill accordingly I guess my question is more around the AHC fluid: If I remove the shock, will it just bleed everywhere? Is the suggested method sound? 3. 2) invert the shock and that whole saga. The 1701/5 Bushing Extractor Set is designed to make the job easy. Step 2: Remove The Shocks. This sound is common with worn out stabilizer bar bushings, upper control arm bushings, and the steering rack mounting bushings. Remove the nut using a 14mm or 15mm wrench or socket. The 5-piece flanged bushing eyelet hardware assembly is made up of two beige colored flanged bushings that are pressed into the shock eyelet. The nice thing about polyurethane bushings is that they will only need to be replaced once; they won’t wear out like the original rubber bushings. We used the supplied J-nuts for the lower shock After getting the R6 shock you need to remove the bushing from the top, and the bearing from the bottom mounts. The lower control arm shaft and bushings remove in the same way except you will need a 7/16-20×2” cap screw to install in the end of the shaft. Bushings are used for control arms, stabilizer bars (also called sway bars), ball joints, tie rods, shock absorber and strut mounts, and other suspension and steering parts, as well as in engine From differential carrier bushings and axle pivot bushings, to bolts and control arms needed to complete the restoration, we have it all. The bushings in the kit are ~3mm to big. Grease all sides of the bushing that contact metal. Another interesting rear suspension option is to use Gabriel Air-adjustable Hyjacker shocks. The noise will get progressively louder when you steer the car in either direction or when you are driving on a rough road. shock bushing tool, removes Rockshox and Fox bushings quickly and easily, and comes in a neat little package / Box. After removaL of shackle to frame Energy Suspension shock eye bushings give your shocks a stronger, more consistent way to attach to your vehicle. Even though, these bushings are designed to be run dry and the bearing surface material is extremely durable any excessive rubbing will degrade bushing longevity. remove control arm and bring it to andres auto parts we press them in for you it will cost you $40 us dollar per arm including bushings 2300 west pico bl los angeles ca 90006 (213)386-8059 Buy rubber leaf spring bushings at TruckSpring. In brief, you will have to compress the coil spring to disassemble the shock. Some call these the strut bushings. 5" long 1/4-20 bolt (or some allthread rod), 2 large washers and a nut, and a small and large 3/8" drive socket. Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with Shock Bushing from AutoZone. (see below) This allows for the proper amount of bushing squeeze so that the shock absorber can move properly in any direction. com : T-best Bicycle Chain Crank Extract Rear Shock Bushing Tool Bike Shock Eyelet Bushing Removing Removal Install Tool for Fox Rockshox  Results 1 - 24 of 626 Energy Suspension 16. )  This special DU bushing pilot works with the "RWC Needle Bearing Tool" for installing and removing DU bushings ("Fox" standard). In a few other places I found on the web that do this, I see where they show the width of the Honda shock bung is narrower by a small amount compared to the Yamaha shock. ) Press in the new bottom bushings 6. If this is the case, gently but firmly grip the upper housing of the shock near the shaft with the vise grips to stop the rotation. This is a basic Do It Yourself for replacement of Rear Beam bushings with OE VW Bushings. Remove the hose from the pump, and cap the fittings and hoses. Dodge Charger Suspension Bushings by Prothane & Energy Suspension. The bushings and ball joints on these arms need to be replaced periodically if you want to keep that razor sharp handling. TruckSpring. 80 DMBT4F - DIY MTB Shock Bushing Tool Our Part code: DMBT4F Shock eye bushing tool for mountain bike rear shocks. 5i Premium, Graphite Gray Metallic, CVT, minor modifications on the […] What is the best way to remove and install the Du bushing in a rear shock without damaging it? I'd like to know if there's a way because I don't want to spend $60+ on a bushing tool. Nissan D21 2wd Hardbody Suspension Upgrade Part 1: Torsion Bars and Front Bushings . You also have to take the inner nut at the opposite end of the strut, and turn it all the way in towards the rear. Using the torque wrench re-tighten to recommended torque requirements. Replace if necessary. Install the bushings. Grease and install SB34 bushings into each end of all of the shocks. In other words, of 16 bushings, 50% had bolts seized to the bushing inner sleeves. One shock requires two sets of Rock Shox hardware kits! With the car elevated in the air and the wheels removed, start with one strut, and remove the brake caliper (see Pelican Technical Article: Replacing Porsche 911 Carrera Shocks and Springs). Replacing the first shock was the learning experience. Very easy to use and a good addition to any mechanic's toolbox. Install Yamaha Roadstar sized bushings. 5, 14, 16, and 18mm drivers. A plastic/rubber headed hammer was important here. This is the method that I have been using for the past fourteen years, may not be the best or the easiest but it has worked for me. The new bushing should drive its way into the shock eye, pushing the old one out as it does so. This includes the shock absorber bolts, hanger pin nuts and the shackle pin nuts. The difficulty is no worse than any other vehicle where the coil spring surrounds the shock. FREE SHIPPING on most orders. Bushings are typically made from porcelain; though other insulating materials are also possible, generally porcelain is used. 24 Jan 2018 In order to get the shocks on my truck I ended up having to use the new polymer bushing on the bottom against the shock but install the old . If your car or truck has independent rear suspension, you're in luck because you only have to remove one side at a time, and probably don't have to disconnect a brake line. The RS5000 models come in similar lengths but are fixed rate and typically are very stiff, equivalent to the 9000 at a 4 or 5 setting. But there is the right way to use a torch to remove bushings, and the wrong way. This is making me think that it must be related to the shock. A complete coupling consists of two hubs, one tire, and two quick-disconnect bushings. Remove bracket at front of trailing arm. It all has to do with the bushings on the inner pivots. Replacing old worn suspension bushings is a good way to tighten up the handling feel of your car. Rotate anchor plate on shock absorber lower mount to clear the leaf spring assembly. This bolt even has a replaceable metal bushing. It is used to install or remove rear shock eyelet bushings. Do one side (remove and replace) at the time. Performance Shock, Inc : Mounts & Bushings - Service, Repairs & Rebuilds Shock Absorbers Torrington Bearings Shock Parts & Tools Springs Mounts & Bushings Oils & Fluids Bearings and Spacers Bump Rubbers/Stops ZF Sachs Clutches Plumbing / AN Fittings Mountain Bike - (MTB) MTB Helmets & Apparel Koni, Ohlins, Moton, Penske, Hypercoils, High Performance shock absorbers, suspension, rebuild service A flexible tire on these couplings safeguards components on your shafts by reducing vibration and shock. A hydraulic press will be needed. You may find it difficult to remove because the whole upper shock tends to spin around when you try to undo the nut. The drivers side is solid, something told me I need to call parts store and replace this bushing (that does not come with shocks on this type of shock). Note in what order all washers, bushings, top plate, and spring isolator come off the shock shaft, both above and below the top plate. The next step is to install the new shocks. Installing Polyurethane Lower Control Arm Bushings/Sway Bar Bushings on a MKIII. Remove upper control arm remove bushings with air chisel and press new ones in. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases How To Press Shock Bushings In and Out So if you order Bilstein 5100 Tundra then you will need to push out the old bushing and push in a new (3/4") bushing into the shock. Support the suspension cradle with a jack stand. My shock mounts were to big for the bushings already in the eyes but the extra ones were the perfect size. Re-assembly of these parts must be accomplished in the same Toyota 4Runner 1996-2002: How to Replace Shock Absorbers. Remove the upper shock bolt nut and upper bushings. com is your source for quality suspension parts and accessories. Control Arm Bushings and Ball Joint. Remove the bushing manually by I'm not sure what you mean by using a wrench. Universal Products: Shock Eye Bushings Color Code, add: G- black or R- red. It is true that you have to remove the interior hatch trim so that you can gain access to the hardware securing the top of the shock mounts. If they look like this, then you're probably not getting the best suspension performance and there is a risk you can damage your shock body. Disconnect the power steering return hose from the remote reservoir or pump and allow the fluid to drain D. How To Remove and Replace Shock Linkage Bearings. hey, i've acquired a cannondale prophet, the previous owner hasn't used it a huge amount so is in excellent condition bar the shock bushings requiring replacement sooner, rather than later. When I installed the spring-over-axle lift on my '95 Jeep Wrangler 15 years ago, I installed a new set of Rancho RS9000 shocks with polyurethane bushings. To make things far easier, and to minimize damage to the thread of the bolt and the trailing arm, and reduce the amount of force you need to use to remove the bolt, use a jack under the brake disk to compress the shock and remove pressure on the bottom bolt (this assumes you haven't already removed the top bolt). If you are replacing your stock shock with an upgraded RockShox model, this is the tool you want to remove your stock bushings so that you can reinstall them on the new shock. This is my first How to guide so bear with me. How to install your TF Tuned Rockshox Pike Coil Conversion Kit TF Tuned Glossary Mount Kits and Bushings for Rear Shocks - A Guide Mount Kits and Bushings, Fitting & Removing RockShox Fitting Your Forks Removing Your Forks Performing a Lower Lube Fitting a RockShox U-Turn spring Fitting Your Shock Removing Your Shock Basic Air Can Maintenance Save on Shock Absorber Bushings with great deals at Advance Auto Parts. Get Yours Today! We know our parts and products. which replace weak OEM rubber bushings and remove any deflection in the suspension. The rubber bushings have sagged to the point that the torsion bar carrier is against the bearing cover. Remove the lower shock mounting bolt (17mm). With the hole for the mounting bolt drilled off centre, offset hardware can be used to shorten or lengthen the effective eye-to-eye length of your shock, thus changing the BB height and head angle. Here the other idea. 99 on sale Item 38335 26mm socket used to remove oem bushing: Obviously this  Fast & Free Shipping - RockShox Rear Shock Tools Suspension Tool 11. Carefully remove the Ejector Pin. Remove your old shock from your Remedy, remove the mounting hardware from the DRCV shock’s lower mount, remove the lower Fox Polymer bushings (if your new shock doesn’t have the same bushings). of the lower control arm shell. In order to access the suspension bushings, you will have to remove the rear  12 May 2011 Morningstar Bushing Press. In order to get the rear strut rod bushings out, you have to remove the nut at the back end of the strut rod. MG MGB Technical Suspension Replacing bushings? BBS discussion. 000 710845305573 RockShox Rear Shock Eyelet Bushing Removal/Install  23 Oct 2017 Installing and removing the shock absorbers/suspension parts with an often installed incorrectly or not at all (e. Some vehicles require different sleeves in each end of the shock. Line up new bushings and push in a bit - then "encourage" them in with the rubber hammer - using Tech A says load-leveling rear shock absorbers use a vent solenoid to release air from the shock absorbers and lower the rear suspension height. But secondly, they also serve to eliminate loose play in  The purpose of bushings is to absorb the shock of turbulence along a road when . 00. We carry a full range of suspensions parts for Peterbilt front and rear suspensions. If you have noise, vague handling and harshness, it's time to replace one or all of these rubber bushings. Check out our full product selection here. g. Start with the upper arm. Lower the steering rack enough to access the bushings. Removing these bushings is a difficult and annoying task, so here’s an alternate method that may be of use and The right tool for the job. Without the proper tools, though, the bushings can be pretty difficult to remove  This tool removes and installs all RockShox 1/2" rear shock eyelet bushings and mounting hardware. Holding the shock firmly to keep it from turning, remove the upper mounting nut, retainers and cushions. I only lubed up the right rear top shock bushings last night; so the left rear may be making a slight noise and my shocks have a slight squeak. Hobby Stock Suspension Bushings parts in-stock with same-day shipping. Remove the 2 upper shock mount nuts (14mm). Shock bushings wear and need to periodically be replaced. I put the I-beam bushings in first, so I wouldn't have the extra weight of the spindles flopping around on the other end. Shock Bushings: My bushings are made of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. You must reuse the original bushings metal shells, so do not remove them from the I-beam. 015" 24 May 2016 I had completely wore out the DU Bushing to the point it locked on to . I guess other trucks may have smaller shock mounts than our trucks Replacing Your Shock Bushings. Compliments of Vector @ jaguarforums. Wheels Manufacturing Shock Pivot Bushing Removal Tool. Then simply put the new shock in but make sure you put the top rubber washer below the bracket back on the new shock. The bushings need to be replaced. Clean and inspect arm for dents , damage and debris. Rate the degree of wear and damage to these elements. 24mm at the back, 30mm at the front. Step 6 – Install This provides the mounting for the top of the shock. Whether early or late, CB450 swingarm bushings don’t appear to last more than 10,000 miles or so. Lightly grease and install bushings and sleeves or bar pins into the shocks. I'd say I addressed my issue by locating the loudest culprit to the shock mount bushings. These bushings can be found on stabilizer bars, shock absorbers, other steering parts, and engines or even transmission systems. nada. Always use a hydraulic jack and safety stands when lifting or getting under a vehicle. The shocks actually came with the larger bushings in a little baggie. 00+. To remove the trim around the lever all you have to do is remove the rear ash tray where you will find a 10mm nut, undo this nut and the whole trim assembly pulls out of the center console. If you have airmatic suspension you will have to release/deflate the air suspention The objective is to have the suspension cradle pivoting on the front eye bushings. After all, they can only perform as well as their parts, and Bilstein offers both rubber and polyurethane styles to fine-tune your installation. You need 24mm and 30 mm do do the nuts on the strut rod bushings. arm fits through the eyelet end of the shock. Maybe it is something to do with the shock, or maybe adding the shock to the mix creats some pressure that makes another problem visible. S2000 Suspension Bushing Replacement by Rob Robinette. I am wanting to replace my rear shock in my 97 xk8 and have printed off some instructions from a jaguar workshop manual but the method involves the removal of the hub carrier from the suspension arm. I did not remove the arm/shock pivot bolt as Andy suggested. Inspect shock bushings for wear and deterioration. Perfect for the repair and maintenance for rear shocks. A - 1. It provides an interface between two parts, damping the energy transmitted through the bushing. Get a 2. TSBD SET - Add to cart. com or call 1-800-358-4751 to speak to a truck suspension specialist. With the car supported by the jack stands, place the jack under the differential, and raise it just enough to relieve some of the hanging tension in the springs. Replacement of the BMW E30 rear subframe bushings The rear axle carrier – also called cross-member or sub-frame – is attached to the chassis with a pair of sturdy bushings made of metal and rubber. Figured since Ive used these How to threads SO many times that Id give something back. Also be sure to keep the rubber bushings and/or spacer that goes on top of the shock but below the top bracket. A hollow pin is pushed through the flanged bushings and centered by black Delrin spacers on either side of the eyelet. #4a #4b #4c #2c #2d #2a #2b the outer tie rod ends from the steering arms (knuckles). Do not use bushings that come in the shock box. Remove the shock absorber from the car. The fastest wearing rear suspension part on 1963-’82 Corvettes is the strut rod bushing. To get to your suspension bushings, you'll need to lower the entire rear suspension assembly. Upgrade your chassis bushings with our premium polyurethane bushings and bushing kits for Subaru, Mazda, Nissan and many more. Quick-disconnect bushings are easy to install and remove. Order Mustang Bushings on Our Website. The next time you service your shock, take a moment after removing the  Rear knuckle bushing where shock/coilover attaches: HF Ball joint tool: ~ $29. D. I believe these bushings are made of the same type of plastic I have been using for years to make all different sorts of guide bars and bushings in industrial maintenance. Some shocks have three. Remove the nuts and bolts from the driver-side, center and passenger side attachment points. 18 Sep 2016 Bushing Installation and Removal Tools - Both Fox and RockShox sell be used to properly remove the DU bushings from the shock eyelets. Replacing shock bushings on a '95 Jeep Wrangler. Simply remove the old shock, drill the bottom mounting hole of the shock to 12 mm, install the bushings in the top mount ( takes about 3 seconds ) and bolt it all together. im having a difficult time trying to replace the rear leaf spring bushings on my 97 ds. To remove the bearing cover, the spring plate must be unloaded from the bottom-most bolt. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. Fox's tool mounts into a vise, and Rockshox's tool can be used with either a vice or shop wrenches. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to lubricate rubber bushings: shock is attached to the lower control arm with two 5/16” bolts. It depends if the bushings were added to make the shock fit the car. Lessons Learned For a younger car driven in a non-corrosive environment, either a 12-ton shop press or the sockets-bolt-nut-washer method might work fine to remove old bushings. I knew what was expected to remove the rear shock. 8102G Shock Bushing in-stock and available to buy here in Auto Parts Warehouse. Bushings buffer the tremors caused by imperfections on a given driving terrain and allow for a smoother riding experience. but do not remove, spring to shackle attaching nut, Fig. Re: tricks to remove control arm bushings? Yeah, I haven't been able to confirm it either. This allows true alignment, and more Remove the upper shock bushings. Dodge Charger Urethane Suspension Bushings are now available. 1 x Rear Shock Bushing Remove Install Tool. Using the 2-ton jack, remove the jack stands and lower the rear of the vehicle. 1) remove shock 2) pictures and MEASURE the bushing 3) put back together 4) go tot he parts store 5) get home go to step  Jaguar Upper Shock Mounts and Bushing Kits for all XJ8 and XK8 in stock and ready Longer lasting ride; Easy to install - just remove and replace; Fully tested . You may find it easier to hold the top of the shock with an adjustable wrench to keep it from rotating with the nut. Spring Plate Bushings Buy products related to 02 chevy silverado bushings and see what customers say about 02 chevy silverado bushings on Amazon. If using new shocks, leave the wire shock used to compress the shock in place for now. There’s the right way to use a torch to remove bushings, and the wrong way. 7mm) DU bushes; No vice needed. I got the bushings started by hand then put a large washer over the hole in the shock and one on the outside of the bushing and pressed them in with a big c-clamp. Prevents shock eyelet  Buy Rear Shock Bushing Tool 1/2" x 1/2" at BEST PRICE ✓ Order RockShox Rear Shocks Accessories - RockShox at Bike-Discount now! ➤ RockShox Online   Shock bushings wear and need to periodically be replaced. Remove brake disc and handbrake cable. See real-world Mazda Mazda5 suspension problems and repair histories as reported by other Mazda Mazda5 owners. Invert the control arm and repeat the process on the other bushing. 22. In other words if you are looking to order (or have a machine shop make you something), You need a bushing that is 40mm wide, 19mm inside diameter, and the outside diameter would be whatever the hole in your coilover body is. With the bolts and nut removed, the shock absorber will drop out through the lower control arm. Here's How To Upgrade Worn Rubber Bushings In Your Car's Suspension. right now i have the one side im working on up on jacks. If the shock rod spins endlessly as you try to remove Contents: 4 Bushings (enough for both stock rear shocks) What symptom does this fix? Destroyed shock bushings, noisy shock bushings. Understanding how hard to bang on the fulcrum pin to remove it and how hard to bang on the shock arm to get it over the bushings was key. Estimate does not include taxes and fees. Remove the shock bolts and jiggle the shock off the studs. Take bolts (2) out of shock & remove. This project would also include replacing the engine mounts, anti-roll bar bushings and end links. Tighten upper shock nut, using a 14mm wrench, until the bushings just start to bulge past the cup Your rear shock eyelet hardware should always provide a snug fit between your shock and . how to remove shock bushings

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